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TR3 Ads

TR3 Ad"How to drive a Fast Bargain"

Sports Cars Illustrated, September 1956

TR3 Ad"No other car at its price can match it or catch it"

Sports Cars Illustrated, October 1956

TR3 Ad"Stops 'em every time!"

Sports Cars Illustrated, September 1957

TR3 Ad"World's Greatest Stopping Power"

Sports Car Quarterly, fall 1958

TR3 Ad"Don't bet on the horse"

Sports Cars Illustrated, August 1960

TR3 Ad"The car that changed America's mind about sports cars!"

Sports Cars Illustrated, August 1960

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TR4 Ads

TR4 Ad"It takes more than dual carbs to make a sports car."

Sports Car Graphic, August 1964

TR4 Ad"How can you tell the Triumph TR4 is a real sports car?"

Sports Car Graphic, June 1964

TR4A AdTriumph TR4A gives you more.

Sports Car, July 1966

TR4A AdShimmering, Burnished, Breezy...

Sports Car, July 1967

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Herald Ads

Herald adHerald 1200-"The economy car made by sports car engineers"

Car and Driver, June 1962

Herald storyHerald 1200-Page 1 Herald storyPage 2

Car and Driver feature story, June 1962

Herald adHerald 1200-"Who Says an economy car has to drive like one?" (color)

Car and Driver, August 1962

Sport 6 AdHerald 1200-"The Lowest priced convertible in America"

Car and Driver, August 1965

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Sports 6 (Vitesse) Ads

Sport 6 AdSport 6-"Detroit has never built a compact like this"

Car and Driver, February 1963

Sports 6 storyPage 1 Sports 6 storyPage 2

Car and Driver feature story, December 1962

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Triumph Racing Ads

TR4 Ad "TR 4: National E Production Winner"

Sports Car (SCCA Magazine), January 1963

TR4 Ad "TR 4 sweeps the National D Production competition"

Sports Car Graphic, April 1964

Spit Ad 83 Victories and 2 SCCA Titles

Sports Car (SCCA Magazine), March 1965

TR racing Ad Triumph Triumphed Again in 1965

Sports Car (SCCA Magazine), March 1966

TR4 Ad Triumph at Sebring '66

Sports Car (SCCA Magazine), May 1966

Spit Ad Triumph triumphs... (Group 44 MkIII Spitfire)

Car & Driver Nov. 1972 - thanks Dave Larson

Spit Ad Triumph sweeps E Production... (Group 44 MkII GT6)

? magazine, approx. 1970 - thanks Dave Larson

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Other Triumph Models

Renoun AdTriumph Renown

Motor Magazine, August 1953

TR Sedan Ad1958 Triumph Sedan-"The British are Coming"

Sports Car Illustrated, February 1958

TR Sedan AdTriumph 4-door Sedan-"Sweetest Performance Value in America"

Sports Car Quarterly, fall 1958

TR 2000 AdTR-2000-"Please! This Triumph is not a Sports Car!"

Sports Car, August 1966

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