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Vintage British Car Ads and Articles

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Other British Cars | Misc. Ads

Other British Marques (nice ads)

Renoun Ad 2 1/2 litre Riley Saloon: "More attractive than ever!"

Motor Magazine, August 1953

 MGA AdMGA: "Pedigree of a Champion"

Sports Car Quarterly, fall 1958

MGA AdMGA: "The octagon on the battle line" (color)

Sports Cars Illustrated, June 1959

Lotus Elite/Super 7 AdMGB: Imagine how much an MG will be worth in 1980

Car and Driver, August 1965

Lotus Elite/Super 7 AdLotus Elite/Super 7

Sports Car Illustrated, October 1960

Lotus Elite AdLotus Elite-"I Do" (color)

Sports Car Graphic, October 1961

MG/VW AdMG Sedan: "Popularity Contest. Who Won?"

Sports Car (SCCA Magazine), October 1965

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Misc. Ads

Lucus AdLucus-"Retaining their Reputation" (funny)

Sports Car (SCCA Magazine), March 1965

Buco AdBuco Helmets-"Looks Like A Hat!" (funny)

Sports Car (SCCA Magazine), October 1965

Buco AdUS Grand Prix 1965 (check out the price for tickets)

Sports Car (SCCA Magazine), September 1965

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