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Other fun things to do behind the wheel

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Cups And Balls (Timed 2 person event.)
Set out stakes at ten yard intervals-a sixty yard stretch will be fine. Put upturned paper cups on top of each stake. At the start line hand the passenger six tennis balls. The object is to drive the car in and out of the posts while the passenger turns the cups the right way up, and then places a ball in the paper cup which is balanced on top of each post.

Egg and Spoon Race (2 person event)
Set up slalom course with cones. Passenger has an egg on a spoon slightly smaller than the egg! (Ping pong balls will do if you're short on eggs!) However the spoon must be small enough to make holding the egg difficult. The driver moves through the slalom hopefully with no dropped eggs- the fastest time is the winner.

Soccer Ball Slalom (2 person event)
Set up a line of posts along a 60 foot stretch, holding tape to form a line. If you have no tape, string threaded with paper cups will do. The driver directs the car parallel to the posts and the passenger then tries to guide a soccer ball or basketball, between the posts using a paddle. Finally maneuvering the ball into a bucket lying on its side at the end of the line. A timed event with penalties applied for missing taking the ball between any two posts.

Moving The Water! (2 person event)
Set up a 60 yard "L" shaped course marked with cones. The course could be longer depending upon available space. Competitors are given a coffee can. At the start of the course is placed a large tub of water. Time starts at which the passenger has to get the tin full of water from the tub. When ready, the driver makes a run to the other end of the course, with the passengers hopefully holding the tin of water out of the side of the car! At the end of the course is placed a suitable receptacle for the water, which incorporates some form of measurement so that the amount of water can be calculated. Three turns are made to get the most amount of water down to the other end, but the driver must reverse back each time to the start for the passenger to get more water in the can. This event can be timed or just decided on the most amount of water ferried to the end of the course.

Will It Go? (Solo event.)
Sixty yards away from a start line, set up two posts each of which can be moved by a marshall holding each post. Drivers have to indicate to the marshalls to move the posts closer together, or further away, until the driver thinks the car will just go through the posts. Driver then moves forward and sees how judgmental he has been! The distance from the of the car to each post is then measured and the driver with the smallest total overall measurement is declared the winner.

Piggy In The Middle (Timed 2 person event.)
Place a two foot high stool in the center of a large circle formed by cones. Obtain a rope half the diameter of the circle. Passenger stands on a stool holding one end of the rope-the driver holds the other end. Driver circumnavigates the cones twice, as quickly as possible but neither must let go of the rope, and the passenger must not leave the stool!

Bucket In The Middle (2 person event)
Set up cones in a tight turning circle for the cars being used. Driver circles around the outside of the cones and passenger attempts to lob bean bags into a bucket placed in the center of the circle of cones. Go around three times forward and then try the same in reverse! Most bags in the bucket wins!

-Games from an old Moss Motors newsletter

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