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Return to Main Page November/December 2000

A great site in the making. Ryan Terracciano's Spitfire site chronicles the restoration of, as the site's name implies, his 1976 Spitfire.

Vintage Triumph Register September/October 2000

Always one of the best, if not the best, sources of technical information and troubleshooting. Also has great lists of cars for sale, events, etc.

 Clark W. Nicholls' Pages August 2000

Great site discussing many comfort/driveablility upgrades to Clark's 74 Spitfire. And don't forget to visit the car show links and his Stag site.

J. Daniel's Restoration Pages July 2000

Tons of photos showing the restoration of his Spitfire.

Graham's Triumph Spitfire 1500 Pages May 2000

A nice site with a really cool page showing Spitfires in all the available colors schemes.

Performance Research Industries April 2000

The writers of the article "Is Your Engine Happy" in issue 2 of the Spitfire Magazine, Performance Research Industries has been seriously involved with Triumph sports cars, from simple service and repair to concourse restorations and full blown racers. A great site to purchase high-performance parts for Spitfires and GT6's.

Teglerizer's Triumph Pages March 2000

An excellent site with great technical information. Absolutely essential resource for Weber Carb information! Don't miss his huge list of links. February 2000

A nice site featuring mostly GT6's. Very informative, it is built like an online magazine with each "issue" featuring info submitted by readers. Give it a visit!

Jeff's Classic '67 Triumph Spitfire Mk3 Site January 2000

An information-packed site that documents Jeff's Mk3 from purchase to restoration. New info added often. If you own a Mk1-3, be sure to join his "Classic '60's Spitfire" Webring.

"Jenny's" Story December 1999

An in-depth site outlining resortation on a Mk4 written in dairy format. The distracting page background is forgiven by intersting use of before and after photos and well written text.

The Spitfire Restoration Page November 1999

If you are about to restore your Spitfire, this is the site to visit. Arranged in diary form, Mr. Upshall takes you through a weekly "blow by blow" of what is required.

The Spitfire & GT6 site of the Cayman Islands (or non-frames version) October 1999

A nice site with a good balance of info for both the Spitfire and GT6. Be sure to visit the "Sporting Spitifire" page. It contains a history of Spitfires in international competition from 1964-present.

The Spitfire Page September 1999

A good, cleanly designed site with lots miscellaneous information. The "Repairs and Resources" section has a great selection of info not seen on other sites. Check out "Technical Pictures'" paint charts (colors only accurate on high-end monitors).

Triumph Spitfire Resource Site August 1999

A good, cleanly designed site with lots of informative and in depth technical tips.

Victor Michael's Spitfire Page July 1999

A very informative site especially the technical documents detailing such things as dash badge placement and other technical drawings for those fiber board items that seem to "melt away".

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