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Appearance Pages

DotPhoto Pages
Pages that contain photos of Spitfire & GT6's, carbs, wheels, engines, etc.

DotPaint Codes
Codes for the paint colors; find out what the color your Spitfire or GT6 was originally.

DotFactory Side Stripes
This page discusses colors and locations of factory/dealer installed stripes.

DotPaint Schemes
This page shows owner designed stripes. Also shows other color schemes such as British flag and other unique paint jobs.

This page shows the locations of decals, badges and stripes on your Spitfire/GT6. Under constant construction.

DotBody Modifications
This page shows and has links to pages that deal with body modifications for Spitfires and GT6's.

DotSeat Cloth Patterns
This page shows the two different Herringbone patterns and vinyl grains used on 77-80 Spitfires.