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GT6 Giveaway 2001

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And the winner is:

Mike Kress of Valley City Ohio

This July 4th, 2001, the North American Spitfire Squadron, with help from Spitfire & GT6 Magazine, held its first national event in Knoxville Tennessee. Many Spitfires arrived with many more owners also in attendance. The day began with the GT6 float being flanked buy eight shiny Spitfires in formation following in the local parade. Onlookers could be heard yelling to the drivers "Look dear, mine will look like that soon" leading us to believe there could have been many more cars in the parade.

At the end of the parade route a British Car Show was held. It was a wonderful show with many beautiful and varied cars. Among the non-Spitfire cars were a dark green Morgan beside a perfect TVR next to a 1950 Dellow. There was a car from almost every marque. And it was nice to see daily drivers in the "show"; cars with the patina that only time and use can bestow.

After a few hours of very friendly people and great conversations, door prizes were given out followed by the drawing of the numbers for the GT6. Entrants were assigned a four digit number and Joe Guinan, North American Spitfire Squadron president, drew the numbers.

The winning number was 4340 which coresponded to Mike Kress in the list. Luckily we had Mike's phone number and someone volunteered a cell phone. The first two tries brought nothing but a busy signal. On the third try, Mike's answering machine picked up and Tom Broberg of Spitfire Magazine announcing that he was the winner. Just before hanging up Mike heard the message being recorded and jumped on the phone. "Your kidding! I have never won anything in my life!!!" The crowd loved it!

Congratulations Mike!

Parade Photos:

Show Photos:

Paul & Vicki Logue won the "best Spitfire Trophy"

Mike picking up his new GT6 and view of his "stable"

Hi John,

I just wanted to let you guys know that we arrived home safe with the GT6. I also want to say thanks to everyone at Spitfire and GT6 magazine. I've been walking around with a silly grin on my face since Tom called me July 4th.

I'm working on a story and I'll send some good photos for use in the magazine.I have enclosed a few jpegs of the GT6 in its new garage for you to post on the web site if you wish.

On an interesting note, I was comparing the commission number plate on the GT6 to my Spitfire. According to the color code on the plate, the original color of the GT6 was Sienna Brown with black interior and the manufacture date was December 1971. Well my Spitfire is Sienna Brown with black interior and manufactured December 1971! Coincidence, or destiny?

Well I'm off to the garage to play with my new toy.

Thanks again,
Mike Kress

For more photos of this event, visit Howard's website