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Engine Photo Pages

Factory Spitfire | Modified Spitfire | Highly Modified Spitfire | Factory GT6 | Modified GT6 | Highly Modified GT6

FACTORY (Spitfire)

Dick and Val Lloyd's 1964 Spitfire 4

Jan Sjoukens' 1967 Mk3

Steve Horwood's 1968 Mk3
Stock with aluminum rad air "deflectors"

Ben Kacenas's 1970 Mk3
Stock with a GM Alternator and non-factory paint.

Phil Hamm's 1973? Spitfire
Basically stock without emissions or stock fuel pump.

John Goethert's 1976 Spitfire
Basically stock with all emissions except air pump.

A 1976 Spitfire (unknown owner)
As from the factory (except block paint) with all emissions including air pump.

Jeff Terrio's 1976 Spitfire
Stock with all emissions. Aftermarket electronic igniton (who doesn't).

Vincent Eweb's (French) 1977 Spitfire
Chromed bits throughout the engine bay. Oil cooler added.

Bill Rupert's 1978 Spitfire
Stock with emissions components removed, various parts repainted

Mike Paserchia's early 1979 Spitfire
Stock with emissions components removed

Dick Harling's 1980 Spitfire
As stock as they come; less than 400 kilometers.

1980 Spitfire (unknown owner)
Another very stock 80. Some debate as if the valve cover is a factory color (in the last year many "standard" items coming from the factory were not standard)


Andy Gascoigne's 1967 Mk3 Spitfire
Added new SU HS4 carbs with latter pedal and linkage, electric fan

Norbert Schumann's 1969 Mk3 Spitfire
Lightened flywheel, pistons, rods. Larger inlet valves with polished ports, Kent TH2 camshaft, 4-2-1 header and dual Webers

Jean Petermann's 1974 Spitfire
1300cc, 115 horsepower, dual Weber's, header, electric fuel pump. Overdrive, Spax Shock Absorbers/Springs, Rollbar, fiberglass bonnet and boot lid

Dave Hale's 1975 Spitfire
Weber DGV, 4-1 header, custom radiator shrouds

Craig Hillyer 1976 Spitfire
Crane Cams electric ignition, Accell 8mm plug wires, Bosch platinum +4 plugs. Port, polished and milled the head.Compression ratio is up to about 10.2:1

Alan Lemen, 1976 Spitfire
Stainless Steel header & exhaust (from Rimmer) and European Twin SU HS4 upgrade

Terry Thompson's 1976 1500

Bill Hall's 1978 Spitfire
Added Weber DGV, 9:5 to 1 pistons, heavy duty clutch, GT6 rearend

Hal Upshall's 1978 Spitfire
Added Weber DGV

Malcom Branch's 1979 Spitfire
Added Weber DGV carb, oil cooler and "power horns"

Julian Saul's 1979 Spitfire
Converted to European Specs.

Bruce Barclay's 1980 Spitfire
Mild street cam, twin SU's, higher compression pistons, a mild porting job and so on.


Jari Tabell's 1964 Racing Spitfire
Weber DCOE's and header

Bob Totten's 1964 Spitfire GT

Kirk Lockwood, USA 1966 MK2

Mikael Schultz, Sweden 1966 MK2

Jeff McNeal's 1967 Mk3 Spitfire
Larger valves, hardened seats, .20 over pistons, ARP head and conrod bolts, ported and flowed head, compression ratio 9.3:1, lightened flywheel, Pertronix coil and ignition, dual valve springs, fast road cam, Keihin quad carbs with custom billet intake manifolds, ceramic coated stainless steel 4-2-1 headers, chrome valve cover and cable throttle conversion. (website)

Nigel Roberts' 1971 Spitfire
PRI stage 1 engine rebuild, balance, port and polished head and, petronix ignition. Plus 4 khien carbs, tuned exhaust, kent rally cam, plus other numerous performance and drivability upgrades.

Rick's 1972 Spitfire
PRI quad carbs, 4-2-1 headers

Chris EcElvain's 1973 Spitfire
Weber DCOE's and header

Jean Petermann's 1974 MkIV Spitfire
1300cc, 115 Hp, Weber DCOE's, K&N's, header

Jermeny McGinnis's 1976 Spitfire
Quad Keihin carbs from PRI.

Bob Harris' 1976 1500
1976 1500 with milled head, .050" TR6 pistons, quad kiehins, tri Y header, decked block, lightened flywheel, lightened and balanced internals.

Laura Gharazeddine's 1977 Spitfire
Weber DCOE Carb and headers.

Paul Geithner's 1978 Spitfire
514cc (0.020" over), align bored and balanced, 9.6:1 compression, modified "big valve" head (218139), "B" cam (0.409" max valve lift, 280 degree duration), 3-angle valve grind, V.549 dual valve springs, Megajolt+Ford EDIS distributorless ignition, twin HS4 carbs, Maniflow 4-2-1 header and custom exhaust, GM 7127-9 alternator. (website)

Jim Gray's 1979 1500
PRI "STAGE 1" engine with a STAGE 2 CAM, 10:1 compression, lightened fly wheel and Quad Keihin carbs.

Ben Bacon's 1980 Spit6
GT6 engine with triple Dellorto carbs and cool Union Jack valve cover.

See more highly modified engine photos on the Racecar Photos page


Andre Rousseau's 1968 Mk1 GT6

Dan Stewart's 1970 GT6

Sue and Dave Snyder's 1972 GT6

?'s GT6


Malcom Bird's 1972 Mk3 GT6
Increased compression ratio to approx 9.7:1 (it's bored out 0.030), installed an S2 cam and a Monza exhaust. Great color scheme!

Andrew Stark's 1972 Mk3 GT6
Triumphtune headers, early heavy valve springs, electronic ignition, electric fuel pump and replaced engine fan with electric.

Ben Bacon's 1980 Spit6
GT6 engine with triple Dellorto carbs and cool Union Jack valve cover.


Drew Brown's 1968 GT6
2.0 liter, forged pistons, 11:1 comp, custom cam, MSD with Crane ignition, custom crank fluid damper, custom headers, etc.

Mark Loucks, New York, 19?? Mk I GT6

Al Filleuleng, Manitoba, Canada, 1970 Mk I GT6
PRI Keihin big bore carb kit, S2 cam, flowed head, roller rockers, electric fuel pump with pressure regulator and pressure guage, TR6 double cam/crank sprocket, Toyota 4x4 4-piston calipers and steel braided brake lines.

Racing GT6 of unknown ownership

Andrew Stark's 1972 Mk3 GT6
Triple DCOE Webers, larger radiator, oil cooler, Triumphtune headers, electronic ignition, electric fuel pump added along with many upgrades.

Joel Stein, Florida, 1973 Mk III GT6
TR6 fuel injected engine with Motec engine management.

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