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Engine Swap Links

4 Cylinders

The Amazing Spitfire 2000! turbo-charged, intercooled Mitsubishi 2000cc
Spitfire 1600 Nissan Sentra 1600cc
Scott's 1979 Corolla GT-S 4A-GE engine
John's 1973 Corolla GT-S 16 valve 4AGE engine swap
Joe Curry's Spit2000 2000cc Honda VTEC S2000 engine

6 Cylinders

BMW 3.2L 1999 BMW M3 Evo straight 6 engine with an output of 321bhp
Buick 3.8L V6 Green Hornet Conversion
Ford 2.8 1979 Spitfire with a 1975 Ford 2.8ltr V6 from a '75 Mustang II
GT6 2.6L Mike Ross' GT6 Conversion
TR6 2.5L Iain's 2.5PI Conversion

8 Cylinders

Chevy 350 A 350 hp 1964 Spitfire named The Beast
Spitfire 3500 A GT6 with a 3.5l Buick V8 and Spitfire body tub


RX7 Engine Swap by Ric Gibson
RX7 Engine Swap by Grassroots Motorsports


Electric Spitfire Page 1980 Triumph Spitfire to electric power


How to Stuff a honkin' V8 into a little British Sports Car (self explanatory)
Triumph Spit6/CGT6 Hybrid Project Registry

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