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Spitfire Mk 3 Options and Changes

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Mk 3


changes from previous model

number made

com #

body #

engine #

Jan 67

Engine: 1300 cc engine with 8 port cylinder head, negitive ground, PCV valve, water heated intake, quieter exhaust, cast exhaust manifold, new airbox with air entry slots on top, narrower radiator with fan guard, 4 bladed fan (aluminium early, yellow painted steel later), fusebox now mounted to bulkhead, larger clutch,
Body: front bumpers raised by 9", rear bumpers raised and overriders deleted, rear gas shocks, larger front brakes, larger rear turn signal lenses now plastic, back-up lights now standard, redesigned convertible top frame, BLMC affiliation added to commission plate, exhaust pipe now exits right side of car, thicker/larger brake pads, stiffer front springs
Interior: extra cockpit padding, upgraded carpet, smaller wire spoked steering wheel, wood veneered instrument panel, 120 mph speedometer, positions of ignition switch and light switchs swapped, windscreen fixing plates go from silver to black, indicator stick cowls go from metal to plastic, shift knob now has numbers, breakaway mirror, seatbelt anchors added










approx. FD20000




new wheel covers, new seats with adjustable backs, US cars moved instruments in front of driver


FD39454- FD51969



70 (to December)

TRIUMPH letters on bonnet were replaced with Spitfire name plate (US Spits received "RAF" plate, zippered rear window, one Stromberg, side markers, new full-wheel hub caps, black grill, black vinyl dash, key-in-ignition buzzer





Spitfire Mk 3 changes

after commission #

FD 2789

fitting of "perfect circle" scraper piston rings to reduce oil consumption

FD 7301

running lights under front bumper changed to all-in-one unit from a lamp on a aluminium plinth

FD 11732

optional wire wheels changed "winged" to hexagonal knock offs

FD 13980

hood catch changed to lever arrangement from clamp style catches, hole introduced to the chrome windscreen cap to accept the lever

FD 16351

engine valances became optional again (standard on Mk2's)

FD 16482

handbrake changed from "fly off" to ratchet variety

FD 21967

larger diameter cooling fins added to dynamo

FD 24043

"anti-burst" doorlock made more "anti-burst"

FD 29587

hood's cloth underside and frame now black from the previous beige

FD 30784

Windshield wipers moved farther apart (left side moved outside washer spout)

FD 48653

new radiator and cap running at 13lbs/in2 (up from 7) this change required heavier hoses, waterpump seal, and different temp sending unit

FD 75000

aluminium grill painted black, zip out rear window, wider 13 x 4.5" wheels, windscreen frame painted black, rear treatment simplified with reverse light moved to above license plate, TRIUMPH letters on bonnet were replaced with Spitfire name plate, script Spitfire was replaced with Triumph plate on rear, rocker cover now painted silver from gold, airbox goes from black to silver, US cars received round Spitfire emblem on the bonnet.

FD 80521

aluminium grill replaced with black plastic

FD 81056

redesigned rear tail lens (flat area at bottom taller)

FD 89096

rear brake cyliner diameter reduced from 3/4" to 5/8"

Spitfire Mk 3 changes

after date

Oct 1968

new intake manifold with metal plate that holds carb return carb springs

*Options (dealer)


price (1967)

Base price


Seat belts-three point fixing


Seat belts-Kangol automatic


Wood-rimmed steering wheel

£7 10s 0d

Boot (luggage) rack-fixed

1968-$38 (chrome)

Boot rack-removeable


Continental touring kit


Bonnet lock

£1 15s 0d

Wing mirror-thirteen types available

19s 0d

Wing mirror extension for towing


Wooden gear lever knob


Wheel trim


Hub cap medallion


Hub cap removal tool


Fuel pipe filter


Fog lamp-iodine quartz

£13 9s 0d

Spot lamp-iodine quartz

£13 9s 0d

Wire wheels-"winged" up to FD 11732
-hex after FD 11732

£36 17s 6d

Emergency windscreen


Spark plug-Champion UN-12Y


Steering wheel glove-brown leather

£1 4s 6d

Steering wheel glove-simulated leather

9s 11d

Sun visors- swing type after FD 13981, black only after FD 29587


Hard-top kit


Tow bar kit

£5 10s 0d

Brake servo-Girling 'Powerstop'

£13 0s 0d

Hard-top to soft-top conversion kit


Mud flap kit

£1 7s 6d

Anti-mist panel-hard-top


Electric defroster

£1 15s 0d

Cigarette lighter

10s 8d

Exhaust tail pipe finisher


Oil cooler kit


Instrument mounting panel-single gauge


Instrument mounting panel-double gauge


Safety warning triangle

£1 17s 6d

'Plugmaster' spark plug spanner


'Level Master' wheelbrace


Tow rope and luggage rack strap

£1 9s 6d

Door buffer with reflector


Headlamp converter mask-for continental driving


Rubber floor mat


Sill protectors


Locking petrol filler cap

£1 11s 9d

Touch-in paints

5s 0d

Competition front springs


Competition rear springs


*Options (special order)


price (1967)


£58 7s 8d

Alternator conversion kit


Laminated windscreen

£8 12s 1d

Sun visors

£1 4s 7d

Tonneau cover and fittings-
black or white

£11 4s 4d

Skid plate


Front upper ball joint with grease nipple


Track rod end with grease nipple


Leather seats


Heater kit


Engine valance kit-from FD 16351 only


Driver's door mirror


Steering column lock


Whitewall tires-5.20X13

£6 2s 11d

Dunlop Gold Seal SP41 145X13 radial tires

£19 16s 8d

FYI: The 100,000th Spitfire produced in Feb 68 (jasmine yellow)