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Weber 32/36 DGV Carb

Weber has long been know for its reliability and driveability. Although this Weber is designed for everyday driving, you will see an increase in horsepower and mileage. The kit comes with everything needed for installation; carb, intake manifold (made by Pierce), chrome air filter, all hardware. The kit requires no engine modifications. It is a simple bolt on procedure!
Note: The company that produces Webers has gone closed. The supply of Webers worldwide is getting thin so we may or may not be available at any given time.

Spitfire 1968-80 (manual or water choke) - $499 ORDER
Spitfire 1977-80 (electric choke) - $519 ORDER
Replacement Air Filter - $20
Intake/Exhaust Gasket - $4

Lucus High Output Coil

Want to keep it "original"? Then replace that tired coil with a Lucas High Output Coil. A 40,000 volt spark means more horsepower and better mileage. Ballasted cars will need to have ballast resistor disconnected.
All - $40 ORDER

Crane Electronic Ignition Conversion

Run your car on light. The Crane ignition system contains no moving parts, just light sensors that keep your timing perfect. No points to keep adjusting! Spitfires 75-80 please include number on the side of your distributor.
Specify 4 or 6 cylinder engine - $120 ORDER
Positive ground engine - $150 ORDER

Monza Free-flow exhaust system
Finished in black crackle paint with chrome tips, this exhaust system practically eliminates back pressure, increases gas mileage, and though it is louder than stock (especially when used in conjunction with aftermarket header), it sounds great! The kit comes with mounting brackets, clamps and installation instructions. 63-66 cars will need to have the pipe that attaches to the header stretched slightly (done at any muffler shop). Some cutting to length will be required for installion. Cars with headers will need to use some of the orginal pipe as a junction. Legal in all 50 states. Click here to see installation instructions.
Spitfire - $233 ORDER

Pacesetter Performace Header
Manufactured using 16-gauge steel, this 4 into 1 header will give you less backpressure and added horsepower. It is painted black and backed by a 3-year warranty. Comes with gasket.
Spitfire 1968-80 - $134 ORDER
Spitfire 1977-80* (with EGR fitting) - enquire
* the header eliminates the stock catalyst, an aftermarket catalyst will need to fitted to comply with emissions regulations

Heavy Duty Rear Spring
The best of both worlds. Built the same as the stock spring with an extra leaf so you get a stiffer rear end (about 33%) and the stock ride height. Kit also includes end bushings. Sorry, it is not stiff enough for GT6's extra weight.
Spitfire MkIV & 1500 - $149 ORDER
* a slight enlongation of the holes in the center mounting bracket required on some cars, instructions included.

Got questions about any of the above parts? Email us at