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Stock Spitfire | Modified Spitfire | Stock GT6 |Modified GT6

DotSTOCK or NEAR STOCK (Spitfire)

Dick Lloyd's 1964 MkI

Jean-Marc Dion 1967 Mk2
Plastic dash replace with wood.

Wyatt Wolcott's 1969 Mk3
The last MkIII's made had many features found in the MkIV Spitfires (single ZS carb, alternator, and MkIV interior layout).

Ben Kacenas's 1970 Mk3
Plastic dash replaced with wood.

John Gauldin's 1970 Mk3
Another great example of a late MK3 with its MK4 interior layout

Nigel Roberts' 1971 Mk4

John Hart's 1972 Mk4
Very nice factory-stock Mk4 interior with non-factory shift knob.

Jim Stanhope's 1972 Mk4
Standard apart from the wooden Mountney wheel

Larry Elswick's 1976 1500

Jim Clark's 1976 1500
Restored with map pockets on doors and without door caps

?'s 1977 1500
Restored without door caps. Note: overdrive switch on shift knob and post-FH130000 style steering column/wheel

Hal Upshall's 1978 1500
CD player, aftermarket steering wheel, refinished dash, and no door caps

Chrissy Edward's 1979 1500
Dash pad, sun visors and seat material not original

David Teachey's 1980 1500

DotMODIFIED (Spitfire)

Bob Totten's 1964 Spitfire GT
Full blown racer.

Jeff McNeal, 1967 Mk3
Leather wrapped formula wheel from a GT6 Mk1, a custom glovebox, dash and dash support featuring tiger maple and a trio of auxillary Lucas, Smiths and Jaeger oil pressure, clock and ammeter gauges.

Jeff McNeal, 1968 Mk3
Restored Triumph Formula wood steering wheel, red maple burl fascia and dash support trim, all leather seats, armrest and tunnel cover, stealth AM/FM stereo CD housed in original dealer option AM Triumph radio, trio of aux gauges including clock, 3-point safety harnesses with chrome buckles, vacuum and oil pressure gauges from Smiths and Jaeger.

Angelo Guarasci's 1975 1500

Craig Hillyer 1976 1500
Dash has plywood base wrapped it in foam then red vinyl. The shiftknob is a red leather knob with a hand-made shift boot. (FYI: car's paint color is black)

John Goethert's 1976 1500
Home-sewn, burgandy colored vinyl with plaid inserts and door piping. Oak dash.

Paul Geithner's 1978 1500
Refinished dash, refinished 13.5" Mota Lita wood steering wheel and a refinished wood Triumph shift knob. Smiths dual oil pressure/water temp gauge (see driver's side where turn signal lamp used to be), substituted a Smiths voltmeter from a TR6 for the original Spitfire water temp gauge, and added a Smiths clock (see passenger side).

Terry Thompson's 1976 1500
Dash is covered with "grey snake-skin" PVC fabric. Heater/fan controls removed to make room for more guages. Visit Terry's site for infomation about how he colored the yellow areas.

Doug Burton's 1979 1500
One-piece Mahogany dashboard with recess holes for the new gauges (except the original tach and speedo), Mahogany center console, shifter and brake knobs, door trim and defroster vents. Installed a stereo system and XM radio

Richard Kaplan's 1979 1500
Original dials whitefaced in UK, replacement Teak dash. 8-track since replaced with a CD, and black carpeting to come.

Douglas Kirkley's 1979 1500
aftermarket steering wheel, oil pressure guage, GT6 dash badge

Giacomo Tillino's 1979 1500
Leather seats and wooden Nardi steering wheel

Stuart Cashmore's 1980 1500
Handmade leather interior, Walnut dash and door caps.


Dave Langkamp's 1967 Mk1 GT6

Jeffrey Lampinski's 1968 Mk1 GT6

Andre Rousseau's 1968 Mk1 GT6

Sue and Dave Snyder's 1972 Mk3 GT6


Paul Tegler 's 1973 GT6 MKIII
Miata seats, custom O/D shift knob, '79 steering column, custom tan interior Birdseye maple dash, three gauge 4 switch center section (two pushbutton switches for defroster) and fog lights. Brake handle is off in this photo.

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