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Movie Files

DotRic Gibson's "Donut Maker" .wmv format, huge!
Ric making all us Spitfire owners jealous!

Dot "Sometime" music video.rpm (Realautio) format
The soon to be famous folk singer Lizzy West's latest video shows her going cross country in her Spitfire!
Visit Lizzy's website and support her. Owning a Spitfire, she will need it!

Dot"Dremel- Big on Detail" .wmv format, huge!
Dremel tv commercial in The Netherlands featuring the restoration of a Spitfire.

DotSpitfire Graveyard's movies and sound files

DotEric Kieboom's Spitfire Video Page
Many videos of MkIII's and "Square tail" Spitfires in large and small versions. Check out the crash test video (better get shoulder seat belts)

DotGerman Spitfire Club's Video Page
This page also has Spitfire TV commercials; a 1976 Spit and a 73?

DotAndrew Stark's GT6 running an autocross course
The exhaust note of his racing GT6 is wonderful!!!

DotLeyland Cars Commercial (real player)
1977 Commerical showing all their brands with one car missing (Spitfire).

DotJames C's 1977 Spitfire
Cool drive by with GREAT sounds.

DotTriumph TV ads from the 70's
6 ads featuring Spitfires plus a few TR7's and a TR6

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