Spitfire (and GT6) Alloy Wheels

Despite the relative rarity of wheels with the Spitfire/GT6 four on 3 3/4" bolt circle, there is no lack of variety among the ones that do exist.  Shown below are examples from my own "collection."

Nominal size:  6 1/2" x 13"Backspace:  2 3/4".
This is one of my set of four genuine Shelby "California 500" wheels.  Because of the relatively small backspace compared to the generous rim width, these add about 3" to the car's track (center of left tire to center of right tire) when compared to most 5 1/2" rims.

Nominal size:  5 1/2" x 13"Backspace:  3 3/8".
Similar, but no cigar.  Actually, the one in the upper right is a Western wheel, the other three are marked "IMCO."  Compared to the Shelby wheels, these are much more polished (but not really bluish, as the picture makes them appear). 

  Nominal size:  5 1/2" x 13" (front), 6" x 13". (rear).
These are the Enkei wheels that came on my gold "GT8."  They wear 185/70 (front) and 205/60 (rear) tires.

Nominal size:  5 1/2" x 13".
The manufacturer of these is unknown; they came on my black GT6.

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"Contributions" from viewers:

  Nominal size:  ?
Barry Schwartz sent in this jpg to illustrate the Libre wheel from the '70s.

Nominal size:  6" x 13"Backspace:  4 1/4".
Jason Constantino contributed this jpg of his polished Cosmic wheels.  Because of the considerable backspace, he had to trim the upper shock tube (rear) to get them to fit his GT6.

Any more out there?