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Spitfire/GT6 Magazine Story Ideas

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Many people email us saying they would like to submit something but do not know what to send. Here are a few suggestions to give you an idea:

Photos: photos are always good. They will not only make it in the magazine but on the website.

note: I have recently started including colors of the cars along with their photos on the car photos pages. This will hopefully be useful to people researching potential paint colors for their car. When you send photos, be sure to include the car's color code.

Sightings: Did you see a Spitfire on a TV show, in a movie, hear that a famous person drove one, know of another magazine praising (or dogging) the car?

Tech Stories: Something is broken and needs fixing? Tell us how you decided what was wrong and how you repaired it (don't forget to take photos).

Interesting Stories: Did something funny happen to you while driving your car? Did you have a wreck? How did you find your car? Taking an expecting wife to the hospital in your car (I have heard it happens).You get the idea (don't forget to send photos).

"Reader's Story": Tell us what is like owning a Spitfire. How about a trip that you took driving your car (got photos?).

Requests: Many people have requested stories be written. Here is a partial list:

Cross country drives in a Spitfire
Body work/painting articles
Restoring and adjusting carburators (Weber, SU, Zenith)
Tires/wheel information
Radio/CD fitting
Racing Articles (A day in the life of a racer, setting up suspensions, interviews with famous drivers, etc.)
Rubber to chrome bumber conversion
Fitting an Oxygen sensor to a Spitfire

Any questions, .

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